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Get out of debt with The Financial Acumen Course®

You CAN get out of debt,
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The Good News: Debt is Avoidable… and Recoverable!

Getting started is easy.  Deciding to get started is the “hard” part.  You have to want it!  

Are you sick and tired of feeling “sick and tired” about your debt?  Carrying a little bit of debt may feel like no big deal.  But it can be habit-forming.  If a debt-fueled lifestyle becomes a habit, you might feel enormous pressure day in and day out.  It may become so stressful that it affects your mood, your health, your relationships, and your life in general.

Let’s Keep it Simple.  Here’s Our Process:




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Head towards Debt-Free

Follow Your Path

The key is deciding to take that first step!  Since you’re here, you’ve already taken strides to do it.  Congratulations on that!

We follow a very simple Learn, Plan, Do approach to getting out of debt as follows:

In the Learning phase, you learn more about money (financial literacy), and we learn more about you (your situation, your goals, your priorities, etc.)  You’ll likely take The Financial Acumen Course® and if you choose, you’ll get introduced to a PSG Certified Debt & Wealth Coach™ (recommended).  Consider the Learning phase as a bit of “brain surgery”– “operating” on the way you think about money!  You’ll develop new insights, habits, skills, and knowledge.

In the Planning phase, you’ll work with the tools and resources we provide.  Your PSG Coach will help you with a debt payoff analysis and savings report.  You will know, based on your unique and current circumstances, when (to the day) you can anticipate being out of debt and how much money (to the penny) you can potentially save in interest payments.  You’ll be able to create a path for yourself, making informed choices empowered by the knowledge and skills gained in the Learning phase.

And in the Doing phase, you’ll put your plan into action to start making progress towards your goals.  If you’ve elected to work with a PSG Certified Debt & Wealth Coach, they will provide support along the way.  The key difference between this program and “what else is out there” is you will be able to make progress without giving up your entire lifestyle and everything you enjoy.

Change requires ACTION.
It’s TIME to make changes that IMPROVE your life!

YOUR NEXT STEP: Right now, to begin, gather together your most recent bills and statements.  If you have paper copies of your bills and statements, that’s easiest.  If your documents are online, you can collect the numbers from each account.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Take the Financial Acumen Course®Bank balances and interest rates for each of your checking and savings accounts.
  • Monthly amounts for your most recent household and utility bills (electric, water, gas, trash, insurance, internet, TV, etc.)
  • Approximate amounts for monthly grocery shopping, dining out, hobbies, events, etc.  (Be as accurate as possible), and
  • Balances, interest rates, and required minimum payments for debt accounts (car loans, student loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc.)  For mortgages, note the principal and interest portion, the taxes and insurance portion, the private mortgage insurance portion (if applicable), and the number of months remaining.

Then enroll in The Financial Acumen Course® to get started.  To enroll, click on “Take the Financial Acumen Course”.  Alternatively, you can use our Contact Form to request information about upcoming Life After Debt™ seminars or webinars (always free) for a one-hour overview of your future without debt.  

Which is Your Highest Priority?

Click on what’s most important to you now,
and we’ll “meet you where you are” in your financial picture.

Follow Our Simple Plan to Your Financial Success:




LEARN.    PLAN.    DO.


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