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Protect Your Credit and Your IdentityNow that you’re on your way out of debt (or debt-free), take measures to protect your identity!  As your financial well-being improves, it becomes tempting for criminals to exploit your success by taking credit out in your name.  Don’t become a target for financial predators and identity thieves!

We recommend that you limit access to your credit file with the three credit bureaus: TransUnion®, Experian®, and Equifax®.  Each of them offers subscriptions to monitor your credit and protect you from identity theft.  Likewise, we have searched around for you and partnered with IDIQ® to offer a full range of identity protection and credit monitoring services under one roof.  Considering investing in an IdentityIQ® plan as “cheap insurance” to ensure your interests are protected with all three credit bureaus (and beyond).

Improve Your Credit Score with Confidence!

A good credit score is important.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  The purpose of having and maintaining good credit is not solely to “apply and be accepted for debt accounts”.  Having good credit is important for employment, insurance, and other reasons as well.

Improve Your Credit ScoreLet’s look at what can happen if you have a bad credit score:

  • Employers may not hire you, especially if the job involves responsibility and/or working with money.  A low credit score does not inspire trust and confidence.
  • You may be denied when applying to rent a home or apartment, or you may end up paying a premium.  If you’re seen as a credit risk, landlords get concerned that you might not pay your rent, costing them legal fees and court costs to evict.
  • Your insurance premiums may be higher.  Low credit scores are often interpreted to reflect poor judgment, so insurance companies might categorize you in a higher risk bracket.
  • As a government employee or military member, you might be denied a security clearance, or have it revoked.  A poor credit score indicates money problems.  Following the logic, someone with money problems may be tempted to compromise sensitive information for a price or otherwise accept a bribe, putting them in a higher risk category.

The list goes on, but in today’s world of “big data” and information collection, your credit score plays into much more than inviting more debt.  Work with your PSG Certified Coach™ to pursue improving your credit score by applying the information from The Financial Acumen Course® Module Two, Lesson Seven.  Use the PSG-7 Form, “My Credit Score Goals Worksheet” to help.  Work on achieving a credit score of 790 or higher!

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