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Have You Considered a High-Yield Savings Account?

High Yield SavingsIf you compare the interest you earn from a typical bank or credit union to that of a high-yield savings account, you’ll likely find that high yield savings accounts sometimes pay more than 3500% better.  No, we’re not exaggerating.  Compare a typical .08% savings account with a high yield savings account of 3%.  If you do the math, 3% is 3750% more than .08%.

Granted, you won’t necessarily get wealthy from a high yield savings account, alone.  But you control where you put your money.  So, if you opt to direct-deposit your paycheck into a high-yield savings account until you batch it to checking to pay your bills, you could be earning 3% interest on your paycheck, compounded daily.  This is just one illustration of how you can earn more money simply by adjusting the direction of your cashflow with the resources you already have.

For a couple of ideas as to what a high-yield savings account might pay at this point, here are two that may interest you.  (We do not receive a referral benefit from either of them, so we’re being impartial).  Vio Bank and Discover Bank are two examples.  Doing a search on the Internet for high-yield savings accounts will show many more.

Become a PSG Certified Coach™ or Partner-In-Success™

Be a Partner In SuccessBecome Debt Coach

A PSG Partner-In-Success™ is a free way to earn an ongoing supplemental income through affiliate referrals.  It’s an income stream that may take 30 minutes a day if you follow recommended practices.  It’s a great way to earn a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month without the complexities of owning a formal business.  If that sounds appealing, look further into it.

A PSG Certified Coach™ earns money helping others become debt-free, start ventures, build income streams, etc.  Within the coaching discipline, itself, there are a variety of income streams, both linear and residual.  If you want to learn more about becoming a PSG Debt & Wealth Coach, a great place to start is to ask your own coach how to proceed.

Of course, becoming a PSG Certified Coach™ involves a lot of work and commitment.  But if you enjoyed your own success getting out of debt and find it worthwhile to help others, there’s a lot to be said for loving what you do!

Start Your Own Business in a Niche Venture

Start a BusinessStarting your own business is an exciting prospect.  It can be one of the most rewarding things you do in life– beginning with an idea, planting the seed, and devoting time to making it grow.  Nowadays, just about any business model can be adapted to a home-based business via the Internet.  Of course, there is also the traditional brick-and-mortar model you can follow, tried and true.

As explored in The Financial Acumen Course®, your business model might produce a linear income or a residual income, or both.  Our favorites are those that have a residual component to them, so after the business is successful, it produces a sustainable, ongoing income from your efforts building it.  For example:

  • Recurring services companies (website hosting companies, salons, phone apps, etc)
  • Membership-based businesses (gyms, websites, etc.)
  • Franchises (fast food, oil change lube shops, etc.)
  • Royalties and Subscriptions (book proceeds, online courses, etc.)
  • Direct sales companies with commission structures (products, services, etc.)
  • Rental companies (real estate, vehicles, tools, etc.)

By far, this is a non-exhaustive list. 

The most important part of deciding upon your particular business model is whether you have an interest and passion in the nature of the business.  We recommend exploring residual-producing counterparts to traditional linear income.  Here are a few examples:

If you love sports, perhaps a sporting equipment rental business is the right choice for you.  If you’re in the sporting goods sales business, then it’s linear income.  (If you sell a baseball bat, you earn money.  To make more money, you have to sell another bat.)  By creating a niche in the rental market, it becomes a residual income.  (You pay once for the baseball bat, and over time, the same bat gets rented over and over again.)

If you’re drawn to real estate, perhaps becoming a landlord is the right choice for you (either independently managing properties or via a property management firm).    As a real estate investor who buys and flips houses, it’s linear income.  (If you buy and sell a house, you earn money.  To earn more, you need to buy and sell another house.)  However, as a real estate investor landlord, it becomes residual income.  (You earn monthly rent, ongoing.)

For more information about venture types, goal setting, risk assessment, and finding your niche, refer back to Module Three, the Wealth Module, of  The Financial Acumen Course®.

Leverage Time and Resources.  Create Multiple Income Streams.

Multiple IncomesThere’s nothing that says you can’t build more than one income stream at a time.  The more income streams you produce, the more security you create.  Of course, we don’t recommend that you over-extend yourself.  If you follow the concepts and strategies discussed in The Financial Acumen Course®, you should have no problem identifying and capitalizing on the overlap between venture types.  By working smarter, not harder, it’s wise to build multiple streams of sustainable, ongoing income to help you build an “economic machine” for your financial independence!

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