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Thank You for Your Service!

We Support Our Military and Veteran Communities!  

Military service comes with unique challenges.  Unlike many civilian jobs, debt can directly impact a military member’s career.  To avoid situations ranging from security clearance issues to creditor “letters of indebtedness”, it’s vital to keep a good financial profile and credit rating while serving.

Preparation is the Key to a Seamless Transition!

There are also unique challenges when it’s time to shift from military service to civilian life.  We work with separating and retiring military personnel to help make the financial, lifestyle, and career changes as seamless as possible.  A PSG Certified Debt & Wealth Coach™ can help transitioning service members offset disparities between military and civilian pay & benefits.  Our coaches also provide insight for career change considerations and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Get Ahead BEFORE You Get Out!

To begin your military life to civilian life journey, follow our Learn-Plan-Do™ process by using our Transition Checklist.  Step One is to enroll in The Financial Acumen Course® to start your preparation for “life after the uniform”.  (Click on the Form to download the checklist.)

Get started today!  The sooner you’re prepared, the smoother your transition will be!

Military to Civilian Transition

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Naval Aviator, USNA graduate, and Entrepreneur.

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Military-to-Civilian Transition Financial Checklist Webinar

Military Separation/Retirement Transition Webinar

The following webinar was recorded June 28, 2023 for the Navy Supply Corps Foundation.  Though the webinar was presented for the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, the main presentation content is applicable ALL military branches for both pre- and post- separation/retirement from active duty service.

Main Webinar Content Begins at Timestamp:  05:10
You can download this webinar using the three-dot menu on the video.
This webinar is an extended-wide video, best viewed by downloading.

Military to Civilian Transition Webinar Speaker’s Notes

The following speaker’s notes accompany the Sailor-to-Civilian military transition webinar for the Navy Supply Corps Foundation.  The main webinar content and notes are applicable to ALL members of ALL military branches, both officer and enlisted personnel.

Military to Civilian Financial Checklist Webinar Speakers Notes

DISCLAIMER:  The webinar presentation and speaker’s notes are for informational and educational purposes only, without warranty for the accuracy or applicability of the contents.  From time to time, the information may be revised by the cognizant organizations, businesses, and agencies mentioned in the webinar.  Be sure to obtain the most recent and accurate information sources prior to making any career, financial, insurance, or tax decisions.  The webinar presentation in no way constitutes financial, insurance, tax, or investment advice.

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