Your Transition from Military Life to Civilian Life

It doesn’t matter what branch you’re in or what uniform you wear.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re voluntarily separating after a few years or you’re retiring after a full career.  You are about to face some “unknowns” and some challenges… and if you have a family, they are, too.

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Your job is going to change.  Your culture is going to change.  Your lifestyle is going to change.  And your MONEY is going to change.

Perhaps you enjoyed your time in the service and have fond memories.  Or, on the other hand, you might be walking away because you have different goals and aspirations.  Either way, when you take off the uniform and shift colors to civilian clothes, big changes are coming.

You’ll have a mix of excitement and anxiety that’s hard to describe.  Your support structure will be gone.  You’ll be in a new proving ground for yourself, your new employer, and your family.  To some degree you’ll probably feel “amputated” from all that’s been familiar to you for years.  Suddenly there will be no “safety net”.  You will need to find new resources to help bridge the gap, including organizations like the Veterans Administration (VA), perhaps the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and other affiliations.  One thing is certain, though: there will be voids that you must fill in order to make your transition smooth for you and your household.

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Military to Civilian Transition


To begin your military life to civilian life journey, follow our Learn-Plan-Do™ process by using our Transition Checklist.  Step One is to enroll in The Financial Acumen Course® to start your preparation for “life after the uniform”.  (Click on the Form to download the checklist.)

Get started today!  The sooner you’re prepared, the smoother your transition will be!

Make It a Smooth Transition!

There are several “mandatory” and/or “strongly recommended” programs available to you in the military as you prepare to retire or get discharged.  The “Transition Assistance Program” (TAP Class) and similar resources may be suitable for learning how to write a resume, interview, dress professionally, etc.   But they fall miserably short in terms of money management, keeping food on the table, avoiding going into debt, and preserving your family’s quality of life.

In other words, the military sponsored programs are geared towards ushering you out the door into the job market, rather than preparing you financially and economically for what’s on the other side when the door slams behind you.  For money matters, you’re on your own.  

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Get “money smart” and financially prepared before you get out.  A few questions you might have as you get ready to cross the threshold into civilian life:

  • How do you translate (apples-to-apples) between military pay and what you need as a civilian equivalent on the outside?
  • Where do you find resources to help you with a VA disability claim.
  • What benefits are you entitled to for your (and your family’s) lifestyle sacrifices during military service?
  • How do you bridge the gap for any financial shortfalls after leaving the service, without going into debt?
  • How do you handle cost-of-living changes and inflation when income is uncertain or less defined?
  • Where can you find a mentor for your new job or career, to give you a leg up as you start in the workforce?
  • What tools and resources are available if you don’t want a “job”, but would rather start a business venture for yourself?
  • How do you create a realistic, livable budget in the face of financial changes, taxes, high interest rates, etc.?
  • What about life insurance?  Health insurance?  Veteran income tax and property tax benefits?
  • How can you prepare your household to get AHEAD once you’re out, rather than just trying to “keep up”?

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While you are in the service, the military is pretty good about making you aware of your benefits, rights, and privileges.   Once you’re on the other side, however, learning what’s available to you is more like a scavenger hunt.  It’s not easy to navigate the path on your own.

Everyone’s situation is different, so there are no simple “one-size-fits-all” answers.  But one thing is for sure: if you leave these considerations to chance now, you will definitely feel the effects of poor planning later.  That’s where we can help!

Preparation is the Key to a Seamless Transition!

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